According to the Norwegian Dental Association, around 40% of 18 years olds have acid damage on their teeth. People often associate sugary beverages with tooth decay, but did you know sugar-free drinks also can be quite acidic? The lower the pH value, the more damaging it is for your teeth. Lemon is one of the hardest on your teeth with its pH of just 2.4. This is why you should be careful with all beverages that contain citric acid, which can be derived from lemons

Here are some tips on avoiding acid damages to your teeth:

Avoid continuous exposure to sour drinks and food

Health-wise it might be better to spread the drinking of soda throughout the day instead of drinking a large amount in one sitting, but this is very bad for your teeth. Continuously exposing your teeth to acidic beverages throughout the day makes the enamel soft with no room to heal. A way to limit the damage if you really want to drink sour beverages can be to rinse your mouth with water after drinking or eating things with a low pH, to decrease the acidic levels in your mouth.

Using a straw

If you have a hard time cutting down on acidic beverages, a straw might help some. Your teeth will still be exposed to the sour beverage, but not as much as sifting it through your teeth when drinking. Avoid straining your teeth by eating ice cubes, brushing or other hash things after drinking or eating things with a low pH, as your teeth are especially vulnerable 30 minutes after ingesting sour foods or drinks.

3 tips for brushing to avoid acid damage

  • Don’t brush your teeth directly after drinking acidic beverages or food. The acid has made the enamel soft, and more prone to damage when brushing.
  • Use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste with a milder abrasive, like sensitive toothpaste or a toothpaste specially made for enamel protection.
  • Remember to use fluoride every day, either in toothpaste or mouthwash.

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Beverages to avoid:

  • Pepsi 2,40
  • Coca-cola 2,50
  • Battery 2,60
  • Coca Cola Light 2,80
  • Pepsi max 2,90
  • Sprite Zero 2,90
  • Coca Cola Zero 2,90
  • 7UP 3,20
  • 7UP Light 3,30
  • Nestea Lemon 3,30
  • Nestea Peach 3,50
  • Fanta Orange 3,75

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Rule of thumb to avoid acid damage to teeth

  • Be aware of the pH of beverages
  • Avoid too much citric acid
  • Use gentle dental care
  • Don’t sip acidic drinks throughout the day
  • Try to avoid the most acidic beverages overall
  • Use a straw if your beverage is sour