Make a cutlery sleeve

Get your kids to help make the dinner table extra fancy by turning their empty toothpaste tubes into cutlery sleeves. 

You’ll be needing the following tools:

  • A pair of scissors
  • Fabric (you can recycle old t-shirts that your kids have outgrown)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Buttons or small decorative jewels

First, cut the tops off all the tubes and wash and dry them. Next, measure and cut a rectangle of fabric that can wrap completely around the outside of the tube. Thicker fabrics will usually work best so that none of the printing on the tube shows through. Glue the fabric on the tube with a seam meeting along the center of the back of the tube. Then, add some flair by getting the kids glue on buttons or jewels. Now you’re ready to slide some silverware inside and place one next to each plate on the dining table for everyone to admire. 

make an icing tube

Toothpaste is an important tool in your bathroom routine, but the tube itself can also be very handy in the kitchen. One simple way of recycling your toothpaste tube is to use it for frosting cupcakes and cookies. Just snip the sealed bottom off and wash it really well. Then, you can fill the tube with your favourite homemade icing. The toothpaste tube opening is just the perfect size to frost cupcakes or cookies. Yum!