Shop with reusable bags

We are already seeing our local grocery stores removing the plastic bag option from their checkout counters, so let’s pitch in and start using reusable mesh bags, cooler bags and more when we shop for groceries. The truth is your fresh produce breathes better too compared to being cooped up in a plastic bag.

Stop using disposables in the kitchen

Sure, plastic wrap, tin foil, paper towels and plastic zip bags may be convenient – but they create a lot of waste. How about using a silicone baking sheet to replace parchment paper? When cleaning, swap out paper towels or single-use wipes with microfibre cloths that you can easily wash and reuse. Reusable lunch containers and or washable snack bags keep your food just as fresh and reduce the amount of trash coming from your household on a daily basis.

choose paperless billing

Paying bills can be fast, easy and also paper-free! Why not spend an hour or so to switch your paper statements to electronic delivery today? You can also opt to set up automated payments so you don’t have to worry about missing a payment too.


Say no to cutlery for food deliveries

You know how cutlery gets included in your food deliveries? Always remember to opt for the “No cutlery” option to reduce the amount of plastic waste you generate for your food. It doesn’t hurt to just wash your forks and spoons at home, just saying!